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November 2007

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Susan in Taipei

British artist Susan Stockwell is resident in Taipei until December 2007 as part of the Taiwan-England Artists Fellowship Programme.

Susan has previously exhibited nationally and internationally including, Susan Stockwell Selected Works at the V&A, London, and This and That an exhibition forming part of a residency at the Shenghua Art Centre in Nanjing, China.  Her current practice is concerned with “mapping, trade, globalisation and colonial and post- colonial histories [where] materials, processes and subject matter are inextricably linked all jointly contributing to the meaning and subsequent reading of the work.”

Her work is currently being shown at 198, London, as part of the exhibition Blind Memories, The role of visual representations in the formation of collective memories of the Slave Trade. The exhibition is on from 28 September to 14 December 2007.

The following extracts from Susan’s journal highlight her initial impressions of her residency:

“Taiwan is interesting and I think will be good for work…The China /Taiwan debate is interesting as it concerns global politics and Chinese Imperialism.  Will Taiwan be able to stay independent or not? P.C. computer hardware is cheap and Taiwan is the centre, where it all came from. This is a Buddhist country and this city is full of shrines, monks and prayers nestled in amongst a concrete jungle, which has sprung up since the 70’s. 40 years ago rice fields and buffalo covered the Taipei area and now Taipei city is a solid mass of concrete high rise and roads, with little greenery.”

Independence Day, Taipei, photo: Susan Stockwell

Independence Day, Taipei

Courtesy: Susan Stockwell

“The typhoon (last weekend) was exciting and didn’t seem too dramatic; I think we were lucky in Taipei.  The next day the streets were carpeted with green leaves, branches and bark.  The weather’s hot and very humid, sub tropical and it smells damp, mould grows and wood rots quickly, it rains a lot, even when the suns out…The recycle truck is doing its rounds it plays a tune much like the Mr Whippy ice cream van so you know he’s around to collect your rubbish”.

View from my room, photo: Susan Stockwell

View from my room

Courtesy: Susan Stockwell

The Taiwan-England Artists Fellowship Programme is a joint initiative between Visiting Arts, the Council for Cultural Affairs Taiwan, British Council and Arts Council England.
For details of the programme, please contact Adam Knights, Arts Co-ordinator

Telephone: 020 7960 9642


Examples of Susan's work during her residency - all drawings are based on the subway maps of asian cities.

Sewn subway map
Sewn subway map

Hong Kong subway map
Hong Kong subway map

Beijing subway map
Beijing subway map

All work and images courtesy: Susan Stockwell

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