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Student profile: Javed Jiwani

Area accountant, J Ray McDermott, Doha, Qatar
Originally from Mumbai, ACCA student Javed Jiwani has travelled widely in his career and is now based in Doha, capital of Qatar, working for J Ray McDermott – a leading worldwide marine solutions company with fabrication facilities in the Americas, Middle East, Caspian, and Asia Pacific.
‘My first job was in a bank, which I started in 1993, after graduating from the University of Mumbai with a degree in commerce,’ he explains. ‘As I was proficient at accountancy, and also an enthusiastic educator – a skill inherited from my mother who is a retired lecturer – I also worked as a part‑time teacher.’ At this early point in his career, Javed could not afford accountancy training; he studied towards a banking qualification.
A few years later, based on his interest in accountancy, Javed seized an international opportunity and moved to Dubai to further excel his career, and in the course of working as a junior accountant in Dubai, he started to learn about ACCA. He enrolled with ACCA in December 2003 and took his first exam in June 2004.
‘My ACCA studies have been instrumental in maintaining my focus and discipline,’ he says, ‘I was keen to do well in my studies and make a difference in my career.’ Javed decided to leave Dubai and travel to London in order to study full time with BPP, before returning to Mumbai a year later, confident enough by this time to study alone for his finals.
However, although Javed had intended to stay in Mumbai for good, his plans again changed unexpectedly. ‘I gained a job with an engineering company in Mumbai and the firm paid for me to return to London and resume my studies. Following my success in the Part 2 exams, I was promoted to the role of business manager. With a tax-saving incentive announced by the government, my employer decided to relocate to a distant tax-saving zone and, rather than move with them, I decided to pursue my career path in the Gulf once more.
‘I returned to Dubai and, to my amazement, was very quickly invited to attend an interview with a company (my current employer) which had specifically asked for an ACCA accountant. This made a great impression on me, boosting my confidence and confirming my decision to study towards ACCA membership’. J. Ray McDermott, clearly values the ACCA Qualification very highly, as it supports its ACCA students by holding special training sessions, and by paying all fees and other expenses.
Currently an area accountant, Javed focuses on accounts payable. These include the preparation and presentation of timely accruals and reports and liaising with respective project accountants on various issues to facilitate project operational activities. He also helps evaluate internal efficiency, assists in various projects on the supply side, and liaises with vendors.
‘Throughout my ACCA studies, I have developed a pragmatic approach to my work, and this has greatly improved my decision‑making skills, helping me take a proactive approach which is often essential if an organisation is to survive and progress,’ he comments. ‘I have also been able to extend my knowledge of various concepts, and absorb guidelines on how to act ethically – important for both work and life. My current employer, J. Ray, requires employees to operate within the guidelines of the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act and Sarbanes–Oxley’s regulations have increased my global awareness of the importance the ethical obligations accountants must adhere to. My studies also encourage me to keep up to date with accountancy information, helping me to maintain my position and build my confidence.’

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